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About Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union (ACU) is powered by you because it was developed by the employees of our utility company in 1933. They listened to the financial needs of their co-workers and chartered the Credit Union to answer those needs. Depositors were members/owners of ACU.

That same motto exists today as the board and staff listen to the member's voice. The board focuses on what members want as they create services and set rates. The staff will go out of their way to provide that service and work out the best rate structure for members' needs.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional service and personalized financial solutions that help our members achieve their goals.

How Your Credit Union Works

Alliant Credit Union is owned by its members and has been serving their needs since 1933. Members' savings create a pool of funds that are used to provide loans at competitive rates. Deposits are commonly called shares because you actually become a part owner of your credit union. By carefully investing member savings and offering competitive loan interest rates, the credit union meets operating costs and generates enough income to pay an attractive dividend.

Members meet annually to elect the governing body-- the Board of Directors. This 11-member board determines the policies and direction of the credit union, appoints the manager, declares quarterly dividend rates, and sets interest rates on loans. Many of the board's responsibilities are managed by various committees: Credit, Audit and Finance.

How We Differ From a Bank

Alliant Credit Union A Bank
Members are the owners Stockholders are the owners
Members earn dividends Stockholders earn the dividends
Each depositor, now owner, has one vote at our annual meeting, regardless of dollars on deposit Stockholders have a number of votes determined by the numbers of shares of stock they own.
Unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors Paid Board of Directors
Depositors (owners) elect their board from among members. Stockholders elect their board
Owners' voice determines the CU's direction Stockholders determine direction
Lend only to our owners Loan to non-owners, customers
Offer better rates Charge more fees
Organized to meet the financial needs of its members Organized to make profit for its stockholders
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